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woman drives from florida for relief of her chronic pain


Chronic Pain Relief Florida

  Lynda is one of those people who looks and acts much younger than she is.  Holding down three part-time jobs that could almost be described as full-time hobbies, Lynda found her active lifestyle in jeopardy as three years of chronic hip and buttock pain had become almost unbearable.  She had gotten to the point where standing or walking for even a few minutes was miserable, and if she had to be on her feet for half an hour — something that happens regularly as a real estate agent and house flipper — the pain was all but totally unbearable.  Like many of the others who have found us FROM AROUND THE WORLD, she sought solutions online.

It wasn’t, however, that Lynda hadn’t tried other things first.  She had tried CHIROPRACTIC, THERAPY, massage, etc, etc, etc, as well as going through the usually battery of imaging tests — tests which I have shown many times previously do not often do what people are led to believe they do (HERE, HERE, and HERE).  The funny thing is, her drive to see me was no problem since sitting does not cause any pain.  Here is the email I received last evening after seeing her one week ago this morning (6:30 am).

Every time I go to your website I learn so much more. Your site is amazing and huge!! I recently quit Atoravastin just in case that might be contributing to my issues.  I am so much improved and now feel that I can begin to understand my pain.  Thank you so much! I will have a full life as a result of my visit to see you. So worth the 17 hour drive. 


Allow me to break down Lynda’s case by first addressing her comment on Atoravastin (Lipitor).  Probably the most well-known of the statin drugs; never forget that their chief side effect is musculoskeletal pain (not far behind are DEPRESSION and DEMENTIA).  I’ll not spend time belaboring the never-ending statin scam, but be sure to read some of my posts on the subject (HERE) as well as Dr. Angela Stanton’s one week old article on my friend CHANDLER MARRS’ website (Hormones Matter), titled STATINS, WHO NEEDS THEM?  Bottom line, statins are one of the biggest deceptions ever perpetrated on the American public by big phama and their lackeys. 

When I examined Lynda I noticed that she had serious loss of range of motion in her right hip, as well as right leg and buttock pain (unbearable when she stood for longer than a few minutes or walked, but not present at all when sitting or lying down).  She also had a lot of pain and restriction in the region of her hip flexor.  Although she believed she had PIRIFORMIS SYNDROME, people with PS cannot sit, spending their lives either standing or lying down.

Instead, Lynda’s leg pain and hip / buttock pain was being caused by FASCIAL ADHESIONS of the buttock and HIP FLEXOR REGION.  The buttock restrictions caused the ever-common entrapment of the SUPERIOR CLUNEAL NERVE (one of many CUTANEOUS NERVES with a penchant for becoming entangled in HAIRBALL-LIKE connective tissues that can become “TETHERED” due to combinations of traumatic, repetitive, or postural injuries).  This tethering can also be caused by unbridled systemic inflammation, because INFLAMMATION ALWAYS RESULTS IN FIBROSIS — the medical word for “SCAR TISSUE“.  For the record, I did not adjust Lynda.

It was a 17 hour drive for a one hour figure-it-out-as-we-go treatment.  You saw the results.  Of course I would never hope to tell you that every person I treat gets such results, but let me ask you this……  Who else tells their patients that they will know in a single visit whether or not my unique approach to CHRONIC PAIN will help them?  One visit!  I don’t know of anyone.  And if you look at my TESTIMONIALS (or HERE), you’ll see that it’s not an uncommon phenomenon in my clinic.

As always, I suggest people do what they can to limit the amount of inflammation they are exposed to on a daily basis (HERE).  While you’re at it, help us spread the wealth.  If you appreciate what you are finding on our site, be sure and like, share, or follow on FACEBOOK as it’s a good way to reach the people you love and value most!


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