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piriformis syndrome with sciatica


Although some of the cases that I see are far more severe than others, any amount of PIRIFORMIS SYNDROME is a bummer.  Just ask anyone who has dealt with it for any length of time.  The pain can be and often time is both relentless and debilitating.  Although Wayne had not been dealing with his problem for nearly as long as many of the people we treat, it had been going on for the better part of two years and getting progressively worse.  He was referred to me by his brother who was referred by IKE REESE

Wayne had the whole nine yards; the pain in the butt, the inability to sit of perform certain functions without pain, as well as the SCIATICALike so many other people we treat, he had not really done anything about it because he did not want to get on the MEDICAL MERRY GO ROUND of SHOTS, PAIN MEDS, and even surgery.  I treated Wayne two times —- the second of which was just over a year ago.   If you thought his video was a worthwhile watch; you can see SCORES MORE on a wide variety of health issues and Chronic Pain Syndromes (HERE).


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