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post-surgical dequervain’s syndrome and piriformis syndrome solved in a single visit



The picture above was taken in the early 1930’s and shows a man “Head Sawing”.  Today, the Head Sawyer sits in a small cab and runs a slew of levers, buttons, and foot pedals, all designed to allow him to maneuver the log so it can be cut to exact specs, with as little waste as possible.  Rick has been a Head Sawyer for as long as I’ve been a chiropractor — 25 years.  And the truth is, no matter what sort of job you have, it will take some sort of physical toll on you over time. 

Not quite a decade ago, Rick developed something called DEQUERVAIN’S SYNDROME — essentially a TENDINOSIS of the thumb’s extensor tendons — eventually being told he needed surgery on his thumb in order to fix it. The first thing he heard upon waking up from surgery was his doctor telling him that he was going to have to quit his job — something he was not told before surgery — a job that was necessary not only to take care of his family, but to put his two daughters through pharmacy school. 

Needless to say, quitting work was not an option, so when things became unbearable Rick decided to come see me.  Honestly, I don’t even remember treating his thumb because I do so much of this work (I saw him one time not quite four years ago).  The PIRIFORMIS ISSUE (I’m not quite sure I would call it Piriformis Syndrome yet, although it was headed that way) had only been going on six months or so. Take a listen to Rick’s story — pretty cool stuff from a pretty cool guy.  If you liked this video, I have several hundred more you can view as well (HERE). 

To see some of the other POST-SURGICAL issues caused by FIBROSIS and SCAR TISSUE that we have successfully treated, just start following the links (HERE’S another).


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