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pre-diabetes (metabolic syndrome), the ama, and our government


Diabetes STAT


“In one of the most medically advanced countries in the world, more that 86 million Americans live with prediabetes, yet nearly 90% of them don’t even know it.  This isn’t just a concern, it’s a crisis.”  Dr. Robert Wah, president of the AMA, via a press conference announcing the new government initiative by both the AMA and the CDC.
TYPE II DIABETES is a hard way to go.  Just ask the nearly 30 million sufferers (CDC stats).  It’s a killer which, if it doesn’t get you outright with a heart attack or stroke, will get you slowly with PERIPHERAL NEUROPATHY, blindness, RAMPANT INFLAMMATION, and creeping amputations.  And that’s just for starters.  But Diabetes does not come out of thin air.  It starts LONG BEFORE your fasting blood sugar reaches that magical level of 126 — the level where you are “officially” diagnosed with Diabetes (75-85 would be closer to normal).  This is why I so often hear people say, “BUT DR. S, I DON’T HAVE DIABETES“.  Although this statement may be technically true, in many cases it’s functionally false.

The brand new initiative called “STAT” (Screen, Test, Act, Today) revolves around taking a 30 second written test on a new taxpayer-funded website (Prevent Diabetes Stat).  The test has a height / weight chart and asks easy questions such as whether or not you exercise and how old you are.  The test has zero questions about diet (I scored poorly for the sole reason of being nearly 50 years old).  While the solutions discussed on the site do mention seeing a certified diabetes coach, most of their answers to solving prediabetes (aka METABOLIC SYNDROME) revolve around more testing and whether or not you have some sort of health insurance.   

Can you trust our government?  What about the AMA?  Look folks; when you have our government telling you that the DASH DIET is the way to go as far as dealing with blood sugar regulation issues and HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, you know you’re in trouble.  As for the AMA, they look at you as a commodity.   If the American people are sick for the better part of their lifetimes, all the better.   It’s a veritable cash cow — a gold mine for everyone involved (HERE).  If you don’t believe this, just look at some of the “EVIDENCE“.

If you really want to start learning about  what it will take to manage whatever health issues you are dealing with, including Diabetes or pre-Diabetes, simply start HERE.   Definitely not as easy as the STAT recommendations, but far more effective.


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