fascial adhesions and langer’s lines of cleavage


Langer's Lines Fascia

Not being a surgeon; until a few years ago I had never heard of Langer’s Lines, aka Lines of Cleavage or Langer’s Lines of Cleavage.  What are Langer’s Lines?  In the same way that both wood and muscle have a specific direction that their fibers run (we call it “grain”), so does SKIN.  Langer’s Lines show you the way that the grain runs in the skin; according to the orientation of the COLLAGEN FIBERS.  As far as surgery is concerned, an incision that runs with the grain as opposed to against the grain of the collagen fibers, is less likely to gap or pull apart.  But what does this mean as far as the FIBROSIS, SCAR TISSUE, and FASCIAL ADHESION that I deal with all day, every day?

I am not completely sure at this time, but there are interesting patterns I’ve noted for quite some time.  For instance, I had an individual come from the East Coast to see me recently for a problem that was the result of being body-slammed flat onto his back during a fight about 20 years earlier.  The list of treatments and surgeries (all of the later completely unnecessary) that this individual had gone through over the previous two decades was jaw-dropping.  When I examined him he could not only not touch his toes, he could not bend forward and touch his knees. 

Although none of it could be seen with the naked eye, almost immediately I found the parallel “STRETCH MARK” like lines that in my experience are usually the result of an impact.  After treating this person twice, he was within two inches of touching the floor and having less pain than he had had in years.  How do these two phenomenon (stretch marks and Langer’s Lines) fit together?  I’m not totally sure, but I’m seeing the patterns over and over again.  By the way, make sure to watch for a VIDEO TESTIMONIAL from this individual in the very near future.

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