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systemic adhesions of the fascia



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FASCIA is not only the single most pain-sensitive tissue in your body, it plays significant roles in health and disease that we are only beginning to scratch the surface of (HERE and HERE).  Unfortunately, most doctors are not up to speed on problems of the Fascia — particularly FASCIAL ADHESIONS. Even though you have been through almost every test imaginable to find out the source of your CHRONIC PAININCLUDING SEVERAL MRI’S —- no one seems to have a clue about why you are hurting or what to do for you.  By now you would think they would realize that THE BIG FIVE is not a long-term solution.  Unfortunately, far too many physicians do not seem to understand the difference between Pathology and Functional Loss (HERE).  This is not only a bummer, but means that it’s probably time to take matters into your own hands (HERE).

Although I help lots and lots of people with a wide variety of Fascia-Based CHRONIC PAIN SYNDROMES, you’ll have to deal with “Systemic Problems” in a much different manner than local problems. Most of the people you see in our hundreds of VIDEO TESTIMONIALS came to me with local problems, and in many cases, several local problems.  The truth is, however, folks who have CHRONIC PAIN caused by Fascial Adhesions at multiple body sites are much more likely to have a deeper problem —- a Systemic Problem.  Sometimes people in this boat fail to grasp this; in many cases getting indignant when I tell them I can’t provide them what they are looking for (HERE).  My goal is always that if you make the trip to see me, our time together is fruitful.

As is almost always the case, find out what is driving INFLAMMATION, and you’ll likely find out what’s making you hurt.  There are a host of potential factors that could be the culprit.  You might have an AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE that is causing your own body to attack your Fascia or other connective tissue (fairly common — especially with HEAD OR NECK INJURIESHERE).  You could have a LEAKY GUT or other issues arising from POOR GUT HEALTH.   You might be ESTROGEN DOMINANT, or have ADRENAL FATIGUE. You might have a hidden infection (HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE or HERE) or a funky case of DYSBIOSIS.  Or you be sabotaging yourself with toxic chemicals (HERE or HERE).  Many of these cause SYMPATHETIC DOMINANCE as well. 

No matter what the problem is, many of you will prove to be GLUTEN SENSITIVE — a mostly NEUROLOGICAL PROBLEM which, when combined with neck or TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURIES, has the ability to cause some BIZARRE AND SEEMINGLY UNRELATED SYMPTOMS.   What would I advise you to do?  For one thing, don’t jump right back on the MEDICAL MERRY-GO-ROUND!

You may very well end up needing to see some sort of physician (MD, Chiro, Naturopath, FUNCTIONAL NEUROLOGIST) who specializes in FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE.  Just remember that the solutions will be similar for most people (HERE), simply because the common denominators of chronic pain and chronic illness are so similar (HERE).  Getting your life back starts with diet and lifestyle.  Although you can follow the links above for hints, you can get the ball rolling by doing an ELIMINATION DIET.  Many of you will end up requiring some additional testing.  But many of you — probably the vast majority of you — will see some amazing results just by making some simple changes in your day-to-day regimen and then moving forward from there.

Here’s one of “Russ’s Rules of Thumb“.  If someone tells me they have problems both above and below the waist, and on both sides of their body, a red flag goes up warning me that this could be a systemic problem.  The more you look like the picture at the top of the page, the more likely your problem is systemic, and the less likely I will be able to effectively treat you until you deal with the systemic issues.


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