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Weight Loss

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As long as you are not in the throes of some sort of chronic underlying illness, weight loss is simpler than you ever dreamed possible.   Dr. Russell Schierling
If I wanted to really make a lot of money (no; I mean a lot of money), I would create a cheap Herbal Weight Loss Supplement, make all sorts of wild and unsubstantiated claims about its powers to make people lose huge amounts of weight while eating whatever they wanted, create a bunch of fake user testimonials, build a slick looking website to sell it, and hire an SEO expert to promote it — kind of like the guy who recently made 50 million bucks (no kidding) by promoting green coffee beans on the DR. OZ SHOW.  When it comes to WEIGHT LOSS, this kind of deceptions seems to be the new norm.

After all, the weight loss market is huge (no pun intended). This is because the average American is fat.  As crazy as it sounds, approximately 70% of the American population is either overweight or obese.  And that number approaches 80% if you factor in those who are SKINNY FAT.   But it gets crazier.  According to a recent NYT article, we are spending nearly fifty billion dollars on weight loss products annually (gulp!).  Face it; people who are struggling to lose weight are an easy mark.  They’re desperate, and usually looking for something easy —- something that unfortunately, simply doesn’t exist.   The truth of the matter is, there is no way to lose weight without some hard work, dedication, and sacrifice.  But it doesn’t have to be as tough as some would make it out to be.  And it certainly doesn’t have to be slow (HERE). 

Remember though, that I am much more interested in teaching you how to live a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE than you using this information to lose 50 lbs for your HIGH SCHOOL REUNION or a trip to the beach —- and then putting it all back on because you FELL OFF THE WAGON.  Forget the fad diets, starving yourself, the gimmicks, the sales pitches, the odd-ball exercise equipment, and the WEIGHT LOSS PILLS.  Don’t buy into people who want to sell you something so you can lose weight.  With the right understanding of how the body works, you can do it essentially on your own, without spending boatloads of money.  And like I said, if you do things the proper way, it does not have to be a long, drawn-out process.


  • GET AN ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER:  Although an accountability partner cannot do it for you, they can help hold your fingers to the fire as far as staying on track with your workouts and eating habits are concerned.  Sure, you can do it all on your own.  But having someone to share your successes (and help keep from failing) is far more fun and rewarding.  Keep in mind that your Accountability Partner does not have to be a training partner.  This means that it can be a long-distance sort of thing, done via a combination of email and phone calls (my buddy Rick and I are raising money for orphans LIKE THIS).

  • IF YOU CHOOSE TO EAT BREAKFAST, MAKE IT PROTEIN-BASED:  It used to be considered a no-brainer to start your day with breakfast.  We have heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day ever since we were little kids.  But some of this thought process is starting to change (HERE).

  • DRINK WATER, AND LOTS OF IT:  If you are still drinking lots of FRUIT JUICES (mostly sugar water) or DIET SODAS, you need to change your wicked ways.  Keeping your body hydrated will help you burn fat — not to mention, help keep you healthy.

  • LEARN MORE ABOUT SOME OF THE CRAZY THINGS WILL NOT ONLY CAUSE YOU TO GAIN WEIGHT, BUT CAN CAUSE CHRONIC ILLNESS AS WELL:   For instance, most people are unaware that MSG causes obesity (HERE).  There are other things to learn that are equally important as far as getting pounds off and keeping them off is concerned.

There are all sorts of things you can do to lose weight.  But if you want to do properly and rapidly, make absolutely sure that you are following the next three bullet points.  These are the backbone of the program.  Following these steps has led people like TRACY REIFKIND to lose 100 lbs in 100 days (not to mention my sister losing 100 lbs in seven months and essentially “curing” herself of five autoimmune diseases in the process — HERE), and get in the shape of her life during the process.  This is not a pipe dream, gimmick, or trick.  It is something that you yourself can do.  The quick results will help fuel your motivation to continue. 


  • ENGAGE IN A STRENGTH-BASED EXERCISE PROGRAM INSTEAD OF CARDIO-BASED EXERCISE PROGRAM:  Thinking that Strength Training is going to make you big and bulky, while hour after hour spent slogging away on the treadmill or elliptical will burn off excess butter, is old-fashioned thinking.  Quit worrying so much about your weight and focus more on body composition.  Everything you ever wanted to know about STRENGTH TRAINING -vs- CARDIO TRAINING is in the link.

  • CONTROL YOUR BLOOD SUGAR BY GOING LOW CARB:   Fail to understand THIS SIMPLE CONCEPT, and you will not only fail at losing weight, your health will fail as well.  This bullet point is truly the key to controlling both your weight and your ENDOCRINE SYSTEM.  Sugar and refined carbs are highly Inflammatory (HERE), and if you want any hope at solving your weight issue, you’ll have to solve your ADDICTIONS TO THE STUFF.  For some of you, the low carb approach will not be enough to rigidly control inflammation.  Fortunately for you there’s the PALEO DIET.


  • EAT HIGH QUALITY PROTEIN MORE OFTEN:  Dr. Stuart White of Houston, Texas is one of the most respected WHOLE FOOD Nutritional Experts on the planet, not to mention one of the profession’s most successful practitioners.  At a recent lecture, I heard Dr. White tell 200 physicians that the number one way to control all Endocrine problems (FEMALE HORMONES, LOW TESTOSTERONE, THYROID, HYPOTHALAMUS, DIABETES, ADRENAL FATIGUE, SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION, OBESITY, etc, etc) is to not only make sure to eat a LOW CARB DIET, but to make sure and consume some high quality protein every two hours.  Why is regulating your Endocrine System so critical for maintaining a healthy weight?  Because every single problem listed above potentially causes or contributes to weight gain or an inability to lose weight — not to mention it throws a monkey wrench in your ability to get and stay healthy.

If you find that you truly cannot lose weight following this program, there is likely some sort of underlying illness or metabolic problem going on.  You may have some sort of Food Sensitivity (GLUTEN OR GLUTEN CROSS-REACTORS) or LEAKY GUT SYNDROME.  Maybe you have PARASITES or a GUT DYSBIOSIS such as H. PYLORI or CANDIDA.  You might be exposing yourself to BLACK MOLD on a daily basis, or you could have HEAVY METAL TOXICITY.  If you have one of those who-knows-what-is-wrong-with-me sort of problems that your doctor cannot get a handle on, you may have to look for deeper solutions (HERE).


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