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uncontrolled blood sugar



Blood Sugar Regulation

A year and a half ago, I wrote a two part article called THE NUMBER ONE HEALTH PROBLEM IN AMERICA.  It is our number one blog post of all time, and concerns Uncontrolled Blood Sugar.  The thing that is important to remember here is that lots and lots of people who fall into the proper spot on their blood sugar testing, could easily be categorized as having Uncontrolled Blood Sugar.  The fact that almost one half of people with Type II diabetes already have detectable neuropathy by the time they have been diagnosed with diabetes (HERE), should be a wake up call that we are doing something darn drastically wrong as far as detection and treatment of Uncontrolled Blood Sugar is concerned.  In other words folks, this is not simply a “DIABETES” issue.

And it doesn’t stop with Neuropathy and female problems like PCOS.  Virtually every single health problem you can think of is being tied back in the scientific peer-reviewed literature to Uncontrolled Blood Sugar.  And don’t forget that HYPOGLYCEMIA (low blood sugar) falls into this same category as well, and is the flip side of the coin that we call Diabetes.

If you are serious about both your HEALTH AND YOUR WEIGHT, and your potential ability to live a long and productive life, click on the link at the top of the page.  It is a five minute read that could change your life.


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