update on stacy’s horse (scar tissue remodeling)



Horse Scar Tissue

If you ever saw Stacy’s horse, “Big Ben“, you would realize that he is aptly named —- he stands nearly 17 hands tall.  I took my daughter with me to treat him this evening, and the first things she said as we pulled up to the barn / corral, was “Oh my word; that horse is huge!

For those keeping score (HERE), Ben had been diagnosed as a horse that would never rope or barrel race again because of significant amounts of SCAR TISSUE / FASCIAL ADHESION in his right hind quarter / buttock / hamstring area (see the first link above).  For Stacy, taking that news lying down was not something he was ready to do.  So naturally, he called me.

After working on this horse 5-6 times, I can tell you that the density / quality of the Scar Tissue is much different than when we started. Not only that, but while you can still see the abnormal gait (I call it a “hitch“) when the horse walks, kick him into a trot and the abnormality disappears — totally.  I am going to continue seeing this horse in order to see just how much change can be made.  It’s kind of neat to see this work on Ben.  But then again, why wouldn’t SCAR TISSUE REMODELING work on a horse, when it so often works like magic on people (HERE)?

FINAL UPDATE: Unfortunately, the horse was hit by lightning and died.

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