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weight loss & health:  low fat or low carb?


Best Weight Loss Diet

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“Numerous parameters showed greater benefits for the low – carbohydrate diet. Some previous studies had also indicated that the low-carb approach was superior, but these had observational designs that made them vulnerable to a host of confounding factors.”  Nancy Walsh from the September 1, 2014 issue of MedPage Today (Low Carb Beats Low Fat for Weight Loss, CV Risk)
If you follow my site at all, you can already guess where this post is heading.   Tulane University in New Orleans recently teamed up with the NIH (National Institutes of Health) for yet another study on LOW CARB -vs- LOW FAT.   A team led by Dr. Lydia A. Bazzano (internist / epidemiologist / researcher / professor / author) showed that Low Carb Diets are significantly better than Low Fat Diets for weight loss.  But that’s not where this story ends.

Over the years, I have had plenty of debates with people who say something like, “Sure, low carb is great for losing weight, but all that fat and red meat is going to jack your cholesterol and kill you deader than a doornail“.  I get it.  It’s the message our government has touted for the better part of our lives.  It sounds intuitive.  It’s not.  Not only is Low Carb the quickest / best way to LOSE WEIGHT, it’s the quickest way to get your blood work in order as well.  Dr. Bazzano’s study showed that a wide variety of blood markers improved with a Low Carb Diet (INCREASED HDL / DECREASED LDL, Greater Lean Body Mass, Lower Levels of Body Fat, Lower Blood Triglycerides, Lowered 10-year Framingham Risk Score for Coronary Heart Disease, and Decreased C-Reactive Protein — the most important marker for SYSTEMIC INFLAMMATION).   All of this is great, but I feel that it’s important to understand why Low Carb is superior to Low Fat in virtually every aspect.

The thing that Low Carb does is controls BLOOD SUGAR, thereby controlling SUGAR-RELATED INFLAMMATION.  We already know that Inflammation is at the root of almost every disease process you can name.  We have seen the same thing with Blood Sugar (see above link).  Once we understand these simple concepts, it’s not difficult to understand why strictly controlling the amount of simple carbohydrates you consume must be at the top of your list for losing weight and getting healthy.

Low Carb is fantastic, but one of the really cool things about it is that it is such a short leap to a Paleo Diet.  Why am I pumped about PALEO?  I have yet to see anything that provides people with the protein needed to keep the body functioning properly, keep the HORMONAL FACTORS at bay, cut GLUTEN and other potentially reactive foods, and it’s ANTI-INFLAMMATORY to boot. (Without calling it Paleo, Dr. David Seaman promoted this diet in an issue of Practical Pain Management.).  If you want to see why chronically ill and obese people need to at least be contemplating a Paleo Diet, just follow the links.


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