• WHERE ARE YOU LOCATED?  We are located in beautiful MOUNTAIN VIEW, MISSOURI — right in the heart of the Ozark Mountains.  We are within a half hour of Willow Springs, West Plains, Cabool, and Winona, and about 45 minutes from Mountain Grove, Eminence, and Van Buren.  We are 100 miles South of Rolla, 100 miles East of Springfield, 100 miles North of Mountain Home, and 100 miles West of Poplar Bluff.  For driving directions, go HERE.  If you are coming from out of the area, please DO NOT trust your GPS to get you here the quickest way.

  • HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO COME SEE DR. SCHIERLING?  On average, a New Patient visit will cost $120.00. The cost for an adjustment at the time of service is $35.00.  For those coming from OUT OF STATE OR INTERNATIONALLY for longer appointments, there will naturally be additional cost if extra time is spent (HERE).


  • DO YOU ACCEPT MY HEALTH INSURANCE?  We are a non-participating provider for Medicare, but since I don’t usually run typical “Treatment Plans” (HERE), they don’t tend to reimburse much.   For those with private health insurance, we give you the proper paperwork, and you can file it yourself.  You send it in, and whatever they pay, they pay.  Everything is neat and easy, and allows me to keep fees low, which benefits everyone. 


  • IF I AM IN A MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT, DO YOU ACCEPT MY AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE?  On occasion we will accept your Med-Pay if you have been in an automobile accident.  However, we will not accept your Automobile Insurance or the other party’s Automobile Insurance as payment.


  • I HAVE BEEN TO OTHER CHIROPRACTORS.  WHAT MAKES YOU DIFFERENT?  Wow; great question.  All you need to do is to look at a few of our hundreds of PATIENT TESTIMONIALS.  You will quickly notice that Schierling Chiropractic, LLC is not your typical Chiropractic Clinic and I am not your typical chiropractor (to see just how true this is, take a look at what a first visit to see me looks like — HERE).  If I cannot help you I will not only tell you, but do whatever I can do to find someone who can.


  • HOW DO I KNOW WHETHER OR NOT YOU CAN HELP ME?   If you are interested in coming to see me — especially if you are coming from a distance, you can send an email to me via my CONTACT PAGE.  If I think I can help you, I will tell you (HERE).  My goal is to weed out the people I know I cannot help so that the only people I treat are people I believe have a legitimate shot at getting better (HERE).


  • I HAVE HEARD THAT ONCE A PERSON STARTS GOING TO THE CHIROPRACTOR, THEY HAVE TO KEEP GOING FOREVER.  IS THAT TRUE?  This is a ridiculous assertion.    My goal is to provide you an “EXIT STRATEGY” no matter what your problem is.  I am not the person who is going to tell you that you need to come back and see me OVER AND OVER AND OVER again.


  • SOME PEOPLE HAVE A MORE DIFFICULT TIME THAN OTHERS HOLDING ADJUSTMENTS.  WHY IS THAT?  There are numerous factors that can keep certain people from holding adjustments as well as they could — most having to do with INFLAMMATIONPOOR DIET is a big one.  SMOKING is another.  How about OBESITY? Or what about FOOD SENSITIVITIES?   Working or living on CONCRETE, POOR POSTURE, or having jobs that involve sitting or repetitive work can be problematic as well.  The truth is, there are almost as many things that can keep people from holding adjustments, as there are people.  Many of these are lifestyle-based factors that are ultimately controlled by you.  However, when I have patients whose problem keeps coming back to the same exact place, causing the same exact symptoms, no matter how many times they get adjusted; my mind automatically jumps to MICROSCOPIC SCAR TISSUE —- a problem that we can almost always help people with. 





  • CAN YOU HELP ROTATOR CUFF AND OTHER SHOULDER PROBLEMS?  I actually treat (successfully) many post-surgical shoulders.  HERE is one such video. 


  • I HEARD THAT THE SCAR TISSUE REMODELING THAT YOU DO IS UNCOMFORTABLE; IS THAT TRUE?  I will not lie to you.  IT IS TRUEThis is probably our most commonly asked question.  The truth is, everyone has a different tolerance; and the treatment is only as uncomfortable as the clinician makes it.  I never treat with more intensity than the patient can tolerate. Those of you who truly deal with Chronic Pain have a bit different mindset concerning treatment.  Just like the people in this BLOG POST or on our VIDEO TESTIMONIALS, many of you have been through more treatments than you can shake a stick at — most of which have proven to be both incredibly painful and incredibly expensive.  And let’s face it; if those treatments actually worked, you would not be wasting your time reading a website on Chronic Pain.  Experience tells me that the overwhelming majority of you would be happy to let someone beat you with an axe handle if you thought it could get rid of your chronic pain!  (Don’t worry — no axe handles in my office).  As you probably already realize, there is typically some bruising associated with this treatment.  Don’t panic.  This is a normal part of the healing process.  The bruise itself is not painful, and although there is often some residual soreness, the treatment itself rarely causes residual pain.  After over decade of experience with Scar Tissue Remodeling, I can authoritatively say that as long as a patient can tolerate it, a small increase in treatment intensity translates into fewer treatments needed.  Again, you control the intensity of the treatment.  If you need me to back off, simply say so.  Here is our PICTURE PAGE.


  • IS CHIROPRACTIC SAFE?  To answer that question, simply go online and compare the average malpractice insurance costs for Chiropractors, to the average malpractice insurance costs for M.D.’s.  There are also more than a few studies that prove how safe chiropractic really is — particularly in light of medical care, which we all know is dangerous.   If you’re still one of those people who can’t be convinced that medical care is dangerous, you need to read Dr. Gary Null’s scientific article called DEATH BY MEDICINE or the British Medical Journal’s recent study revealing that the practice of medicine is the #3 leading cause of death in the United States (HERE).


  • DO YOU REALLY ADJUST CHILDREN AND BABIES?  Of course!  Here is an example of the kind of things that happen because I adjust babies.  I was at a football game last fall, when one of my patients came up with his 12 or 13 year old grandchild and said, “do you recognize my granddaughterThis is so-and-so that we brought to you when she was one month old“.  I immediately remembered the case.  Barnes Jewish Hospital had diagnosed her as a newborn with an “Aganglionic Megacolon”, and told the parents that their only option was a colostomy.  Mom and dad were digging stools out with their fingers because this baby’s bowels did not work.  After a couple adjustments, the child was as good as new.  How does that happen?  SEE HERE.  To see the research on Chiropractic & Kids, as well as health issues that frequently affect kids / babies (particularly COLIC & EAR INFECTIONS), you can visit DR. FRANK PAINTER’S SITE.


  • I HEARD THAT CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENTS ARE THE BEST THING GOING FOR CHILDREN WITH CHRONIC EAR INFECTIONS?  EAR ACHES are miserable. And interestingly enough, even though clinical practice for the medical community concerning ear infections has seemingly not changed (at least in my neck of the woods), the STANDARDS OF CARE for treating childhood ear infections say that antibiotics are no longer initially recommended.  Why not?  Because the peer-reviewed scientific literature (from the medical community — not the chiropractic community) has shown that kids treated with antibiotics have only one statistical difference from kids not treated with antibiotics.  RECURRENT INFECTION.  I have seen this hundreds of times in my years in practice.  In children, the Eustachian Tube (the tube that drains the middle ear to the throat) is more “S” shaped than in adults.  This gives a greater possibility of getting the tube plugged up.  Rather than talk to me, go talk to Steve or Betty Hockman (Hockman CPA / Mountain View Lumber).  Or better yet, WATCH THIS VIDEO ABOUT THEIR SON.  Brent was four years old the first time I saw him.  He had had numerous sets of tubes, never been off antibiotics for more than a week or two at a time, and his drums were rupturing on a regular basis.  His specialists had all but given up on his case, but after his first adjustment, I do not recall him ever having another ear infection.


  • MY DOCTOR SAYS THAT THERE IS NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE THAT CHIROPRACTIC DOES ANYTHING BENEFICIAL.  IN FACT, HE / SHE SAYS THAT CHIROPRACTIC IS DOWNRIGHT DANGEROUS!  IS THAT TRUE?  Has your doctor been living under a rock?  Thirty or forty years ago it was true that there was little chiropractic research.  There were no research facilities or funding then, and the vast majority of chiropractors were in private practice helping sick people get well.  This is certainly not true today.  There is an almost absurd abundance of Scientific Research validating what chiropractors do in their offices day in and day out.   If you really believe that drugs and surgery are the best and safest solutions to your problems, you might want to at least skim the titles of THESE ARTICLES.


  • MY DOCTOR TELLS ME THAT I MIGHT NEED TO HAVE SPINAL DISC SURGERY.  IS THERE ANY WAY THAT THIS MIGHT BE PREVENTED?  I share your concern — it’s legitimate.  As absurd as it sounds, current medical research shows that “ADVICE” is equally as beneficial as back surgery.  I would strongly suggest that you look into SPINAL DECOMPRESSION THERAPY.  There is abundant research showing benefit for this therapy as far as preventing spinal surgeries.


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