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Chronic Neck and Back Pain


 Are you one of those people who just cannot seem to HOLD AN ADJUSTMENT? Believe me; you are not alone! For the first decade of practice I was frequently frustrated as to why some people would hold adjustments so well; and others, with seemingly identical symptoms and x-rays, would not hold an adjustment more than a few days at best (and sometimes no more than a few hours). Almost two decades ago, I discovered a big piece of the puzzle — FASCIAL ADHESIONS caused by microscopic scarring in the tissue around the muscles and other connective tissues surrounding the spine.  These Fascial Adhesions are a huge culprit in both CHRONIC NECK PAIN & CHRONIC BACK PAIN that is not related to Herniated Discs. 

Understanding Neck and Back Pain

All muscles have membranous sheaths around them called Fascia. FASCIA is the translucent, cellophane-like, membranous connective tissue that surrounds muscles, groups of muscles, blood vessels, and nerves. Not only is Fascia arguably the single most pain sensitive tissue in your entire body; the SCAR TISSUE FOUND IN FASCIA (some refer to it as either “DENSIFICATION” or FIBROSIS) cannot usually be seen with even the most advanced diagnostic imaging techniques, INCLUDING MRI.  This is one heck of a nasty combination — stop and think about the implications of this for a moment.  The MOST PAIN-SENSITIVE TISSUE in your body cannot be imaged with any of our current medical tests.  No doctors treat so many of their patients as if they were crazy or just after drugs.

And on top of that, it is not uncommon to see INJURED LIGAMENTS or Tendinosis in or around the spine (HERE).  The final kick in the teeth is that when these things are present (sometimes quite subtly), the end result is always further problems.  Loss of normal ranges of motion in the spine are the known cause of SPINAL DEGENERATION.  But fortunately for most of you there is a solution.  Take a few minutes and watch some of our Video Testimonials (HERE).  If you are one of those individuals who has seemingly tried everything to get rid of your Chronic Neck Pain, don’t give up hope. TISSUE REMODELING could be the solution you have been searching for.


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