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  Although there are about a million and one different sports injuries that can plague an athlete, the truth is, most of these are the same injuries that happen within the general population — injuries to MUSCLES, injuries to TENDONS, injuries to LIGAMENTS, and injuries to FASCIA.  It’s just that athletes tend to get specific kinds of these injuries in far greater numbers.

There are many sports injuries that I cannot help with and do not claim otherwise.  These include things like broken bones, blown knees, cuts, etc.  However, a great number of sports injuries occur in the ELASTIC, COLLAGEN-BASED, CONNECTIVE TISSUES.  These include things like pulled or torn muscles (strains), ligament injuries (sprains), Tendinopathies of all sorts, and of course, Fascial Adhesions, Fascial Tearing, and Fascial Restriction.

Sports Injuries

Although your doctor is likely to try and prescribe you NSAIDS — or even CORTICOSTEROID INJECTIONS, the current peer-reviewed literature (Physician Prescribing Patterns of Oral Corticosteroids for Musculoskeletal Injuries from The Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine) says that, “Although the perception is that sports medicine physicians prescribe oral corticosteroids frequently, there is no documentation of this behavior in the literature.  Despite little evidence to support their use, primary care sports medicine physicians commonly prescribe corticosteroids.

I have been treating people with Sports Injuries at Schierling Chiropractic, since I opened my doors back in 1992.  I completed nearly 150 postgraduate hours of training in Sports Medicine in 1993, which left me “Board Eligible” to take the Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician (CCSP) exam.  At the time, the tests were only offered two Fridays a year in Minnesota or Nouth Carolina.   Because certification is really nothing more than a few more more letters behind my name, I never did take the examination — and probably never will.

Like I said earlier, Sports Injuries are the same injuries that happen to people who have CAR WRECKS, horse accidents (common in these parts), or WORK-RELATED INJURIES, etc.  The only real difference is that “Sports Injuries” happen while playing sports.  For more information, please take a look at our PATIENT TESTIMONIAL PAGE.


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