LEFT:  In this lateral x-ray (person facing to your right), notice the mottled appearance of the bones (Osteoporosis).  Also notice the vertebral wedging near the center of the X-ray.  These are due to “Compression Fractures“, which are similar to aluminum cans that have been put up on their end and crushed flat. 

RIGHT:  A short video by Standard Process on the importance of developing strong bones early in life, and maintaining them throughout one’s lifetime.


  • Coral Calcium
  • Calcium Citrate
  • Calcium Carbonate
  • Calcium Lactate
  • Rocks, Chalk, Shells
  • Cooked or Processed Bone Meal
  • Calcium w/ Vitamin D

There are lots of different calcium supplements on the market today.  But before I tell you why virtually all of them are a waste of time and money as far as building bone is concerned (HERE), let’s talk a little bit about osteoporosis and bone health, and why I believe bone density tests are useless cash cows for the medical and pharmaceutical communities.

Osteoporosis is scary.  It is in the news, and it is something that no woman (or, for that matter, man) wants to be diagnosed with.  If you are a woman, around 50-55 years of age, your doctor will start pushing you and prodding you to have a Bone Density Test.  I get it.  It’s what they have been trained to do.  Don’t be too surprised if you are told that you have osteoporosis.  Bone density is calculated by comparing your bone density values to those of 25 year old healthy women.  You’ll soon see why I believe that Bone Density Tests have little diagnostic value, but are of tremendous value as a tool used to scare you into taking anti-Osteoporosis drugsOnce it is determined that you have Osteoporosis (or are on your way to having Osteoporosis), your doctor will write you a prescription for one of the so-called “bone-building” drugs.  The most common is Gidget’s Fosomax, but Boniva, Actonel, and Evista are right up there as well.

Are you aware that both the television ads for Fosomax as well as their “trust us” package insert, state that their product does not decrease your chance of fractures?  But that’s not all.  These drugs also have a significant number of serious side-effects (the most common having to do with your digestive system).  And believe it or not, the Osteoporosis drugs, as my office has been warning patients for well over a decade, are actually being implicated in increased incidence of fractures. Gulp!  Let me explain to you this paradox of how these drugs can increase bone density without decreasing incidence of broken bones (or worse yet, actually increasing your chance of broken bones) —- something drug manufactures have known from the beginning!

Bone is a dynamic, living, and constantly changing, tissue. Under ideal conditions, old, brittle, and worn out bone is constantly being broken down by your body (cells called osteoclasts do this).  It is then recycled into new, strong, and healthy bone that is not too hard / brittle or too soft / flexible (cells called osteoblasts do this).  Due to many factors (chiefly a lack of proper weight-bearing exercise, and lack of real nutrition) the bones loose their density and strength.  Once this happens, they begin to get weak, porous, and brittle.  As you can imagine, this is not a good thing, and leads to fractures of all sorts.

The drugs that doctors prescribe to increase bone density do just that — they increase bone density.  But they do this in such an extremely deceptive manner, I would define what they are doing as nothing less than devious.   Follow along as I explain.   These drugs work by inhibiting osteoclastic activity.  In other words they increase bone density by preventing the break down and recycling of old and worn out bone. This means that although bone density increases, the bone is in no way the same quality of bone that it used to be or that it should be. The real problem though is that a number of Scientific Studies have proven time and again that drugs which inhibit the break down of old, brittle, bone (osteoclastic activity), automatically inhibit the building and regeneration of new bone (osteoblastic activity). To put it simply —- osteoporosis drugs increase bone density by not allowing your old brittle bone to be broken down and recycled, which automatically diminishes your body’s ability to build new bone.  If you did not understand this paragraph, please read it again.  If you or someone you love is taking Bisphosphonates (Osteoporosis drugs), it is imperative for you to understand how they work and why they are actually causing Osteoporosis!

You‘ve been diagnosed with Osteoporosis and the doctors want you to start taking anti-Osteoporosis drugs.  Or maybe you have been taking these drugs already.  What in the world should you do?  First of all, do not simply take my word for anything you have read so far. Talk with your doctor.  Better yet, talk to your doctor and then do your own internet research.  See if your doctor is shooting straight with you or not.  There are a few simple do’s and don’ts associated with preventing or reversing osteoporosis without the so called “bone building” drugs.

  • LIFT WEIGHTS:  Be aware that there are dozens of studies saying that the number one way to prevent bone loss and build strong, healthy bones is weight-bearing exercise. This means you must lift weights or do some sort of Resistance Training.  For those who cannot lift weights, ask us about our 6 week bone-building program using WHOLE BODY VIBRATION THERAPY.  There are actually several studies showing the benefits of WBV Therapy in relationship to building bone.  For the record, walking is not considered to be “weight bearing” in this context.
  • WATCH YOUR DIET:  If you are drinking SODA POP of any kind or eating lots of sugar or starch, you are asking for Osteoporosis.  It takes 4 gallons of alkali water (pH 9) to buffer a 12 oz Coke.  When your body does not have huge alkalizing stores available, it turns to your body’s most readily available buffer — calcium.  Where does your body steal this calcium from?  Blood, bones, and DNA.  .
  • TAKE THE RIGHT BONE SUPPLEMENTS: Simply drinking more milk (which is not even a readily absorbed source of calcium) and taking cheap / poor quality calcium supplements (like TUMS, Oscal, or who knows what) is not going to help.  For Pete’s sake, Americans get more calcium than any other people on the planet but have one of the highest rates of Osteoporosis.  Does anyone see a disconnect here?  Interestingly enough, since Calcium as well as all other minerals must be absorbed in an extremely acidic environment, a lack of stomach acid leads to decreased absorption.  This is why TUMS and other anti-acid products can actually cause Osteoporosis!  But that is not all.  A recent study showed that the people supplementing the most with calcium, had greatly increased death rates (HERE).

Instead, you must take a Cold Processed Bone Meal Supplement.  There is only one product like this on the market (since 1963); Standard Processes’ Calcifood Wafers.  Calcifood is not simply another calcium supplement.  DR ROYAL LEE formulated it with all of the “stuff ” that is critical for the body to build bone.  This is because Calcifood is bone.  Organic veal bone is cold processed in large vacuum chambers so that it is never heated above room temperature.  This way you get all of the amino acids, minerals, vitamins, collagen, and other substances that make up bone — in their proper ratios.  If you have broken a bone, or if you need to strengthen your bones because of Osteoporosis, fracture, or periodontal gum disease, this is the supplement for you.  For those with hardcore Osteoporosis, you may need to add Biost and Ostarplex to the mix. 

Calcifood Proprietary Blend: 830 mg
Defatted wheat (germ), veal bone, carrot (root), date (fruit), and rice (bran), Honey, cellulose, bovine bone, dicalcium phosphate, calcium stearate, and arabic gum.


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