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a piriformis syndrome case study


Because there are such a wide variety of ways that it occurs, every patient I treat with PIRIFORMIS SYNDROME is a learning experience.  It is like figuring out a complex, 3-dimensional puzzle.  Just last week I saw a gentleman from Utah who had been dealing with progressively worsening Piriformis Syndrome (bilateral) for about a decade.  Having spent tens of thousands of dollars on his problem, he was reluctant to get on a plane and come to Southern Missouri on what he thought might be a wild goose chase.  However, it appears to be paying off.

His case was interesting in that, he had FASCIAL ADHESIONS in his GROIN / HIP FLEXORS bilaterally, his buttocks, his THORACOLUMBAR FASCIA, his HAMSTRINGS, and his perinium.  It was crazy.  If the results hold up like I am hoping they will, you’ll be watching a video of him in a couple of weeks.


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