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chronic hip spasm solution


Bruce Blausen

Pictures like this one (left), while anatomically accurate, do not tell the whole story — not by a long shot.  The spine / skeleton is literally mummified in LIGAMENTS, covered with TENDINOUS ATTACHMENTS, and wrapped up in both MUSCLES and FASCIA.  This is why X-rays (and even MRI’S) often tell such an incomplete story.

When Kay first came to me several weeks ago, she was wanting to take a trip.  But the muscle spasms that she had been dealing with for at least two decades had gotten so ugly that she literally could not walk for a half minute without being in agony.  The only thing that kept her going was the fact that she is an avid practitioner of Yoga.  But there was one pose (sitting in an extreme cross-legged position) that she could never quite do.  That is, until I broke the SCAR TISSUE in her hip and buttock region (this was not PIRIFORMIS SYNDROME, but she was having spasms of her Piriformis Muscle).  Immediately thereafter, she was able to do this pose for the first time in her life.  This from a woman who has been into natural health for most of her adult life, including visiting many chiropractors, massage therapists, etc.


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