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chronic pain and adhesed fascia


Chronic Pain

CHRONIC PAIN — according to medical sources, it affects nearly one in three Americans to some degree (about 100 million people).  It’s important, however, to understand that not all CHRONIC PAIN is debilitating — much of it is not.   “Chronic” simply means that it is ongoing — a nagging ache that can slowly wears you down physically, mentally, and emotionally.  According to to our government’s NIH website, “Whereas acute pain is a normal sensation that alerts us to possible injury, chronic pain is very different. Chronic pain is often defined as any pain lasting more than 12 week, and often persists for months or even years.”  They’re correct.  And unfortunately, Chronic Pain can become TYPE III PAIN; the sort of pain characterized by CENTRAL SENSITIZATION — pain that’s gets locked into the brain and plays on a loop, even in the absence of actual tissue damage.

Chronic Pain changes people.  It atrophies the brain in a similar fashion to Alzheimer’s (HERE).   It causes DEPRESSION.  It can even take away your will to live.  Sure, you can continue taking the DRUGS your doctors have been prescribing you for who-knows-how-long.  But we all know that this is short-sighted — temporary relief at best.  A “solution” that covers symptoms, without ever addressing the underlying cause(s) of said symptoms.  It might be a viable approach for the terminally ill or the very elderly, but it’s a terrible approach if you are trying to raise a family, hold down a job, and have any sort of life.  Particularly once you realize that helped you on some level yesterday, are not working so well today.  And part of the reason we have an OPIOID EPIDEMIC is that without radically jacking the dosage, they’ll work even worse tomorrow.

When it comes to dealing with Chronic Pain, the first thing I always suggest is dealing with INFLAMMATION, which is not only the driver of virtually all chronic illness, but a great deal of SCAR TISSUE as well (HERE).   If you have had a CAR WRECK or SPORTS INJURY, or if you are one of those people who gets great relief from adjustments, but the results don’s last very long (HERE), it may be time to look to the FASCIA (this link leads you to 135+ articles on the subject).  Fascia is not only the most abundant connective tissue in the body, numerous experts say it’s the most pain-sensitive as well.  Add in the fact that it does not image well with standard techniques and you can see a PERFECT STORM building on the horizon. This is why it might be time for you to try Tissue Remodeling.

Yes; you’ve heard correctly — there can be some INTENSE BRUISING associated with the way I help solve any number of different PAIN SYNDROMES.  However, the discomfort of the treatment is not proportional to the bruising.  In other words, it is not nearly as bad as it looks.  And the truth is, if you are one of those people dealing with Chronic Pain caused by FASCIAL ADHESIONS, you probably don’t care.  I’ve always said that Chronic Pain patients would let you beat them with an axe handle if they were convinced it would help solve their pain —- kind of like Castaway’s desperate Tom Hanks character using an ice skate to remove an infected tooth while marooned on a desert island.  Don’t worry; no ice skates or axe handles in my office.  We will never do something you don’t want or cannot tolerate.  But let’s be honest with each other for a moment; who else tells you that you will know in ONE VISIT whether this approach will help?  No one I’m aware of.

And because I believe in the put-up-or-shut-up principle — putting your money where your mouth is —- I have given you some tools to show you how to start walking the walk (wow, that was a lot of cliches in one sentence). For the 75% of our population who are struggling with chronic pain or chronic illness, I’ve provided you a generic template to start taking your life back (HERE). I would not hope to claim that it’s the solution for all of you.  But if nothing else, it will point you away from the dead end you’ve been stuck in, and force you to think outside the box a bit.  After all, “the box” hasn’t been doing what everyone told you it would.  If you want to see dozens of testimonials from actual patients who stepped outside of the box, make sure to VISIT THIS PAGE.


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