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fascia and chronic pain


Chronic Pain Fascia

When the cause of your complaint is a Connective Tissue-Based problem, you will garner all sorts of odd responses, deer-in-the-headlights looks, and made up explanations from the medical profession.  I have heard an array of “made up” answers that would be comical if the situation weren’t so downright desperate.  Or you may just get that blank look like you were an alien from the planet Neptune.  Both are common.   So is throwing it in that bucket labeled “Fibromyalgia” and moving on to the next patient.  Dr. Russell Schierling from a BLOG POST on Fascia 
I recently got a heartbreaking email from David C. of Vancouver, Canada.  A large part of my practice is focused on people who have severe CHRONIC PAIN related to problems within their FASCIA — many of whom come from LONG DISTANCE to see me.  Fascial Adhesions are the perfect vehicle for Chronic Pain because you have a situation where the single most pain-sensitive tissue in the body becomes injured (scarred or adhesed).  This is doubly problematic because SCAR TISSUE is itself up to 1,000 times more pain sensitive than normal tissue.  Throw in the fact that in most areas of the body, the Fascia is too thin to be imaged with even the most advanced techniques such as MRI, and you have the makings for a PERFECT STORM OF CHRONIC PAIN.  Some of the problems  related to Scar Tissue can be found on THIS LIST.  Thank you David for allowing me to put this email up on my blog.  I sincerely wish you the best.  In fact, if you ever find a resolution to your pain, please drop me a line.

Hi Dr. Schierling.

I don’t think that I can receive your treatment, but I just wanted to say that it’s very relieving to read about your recognition of the absurdity of response from GPs regarding fascia pain.

I have been extremely impaired and tortured for 12 full years without rest to the point that I suspect that the human body / brain is not capable of processing further pain, and I came to suspect this on the basis that while hitting a seeming ceiling of pain on multiple occasions, a ceiling that is impossible for me to even imagine or even nearly remember how extreme it was unless it is upon me again (and I only remember while the intense pain is engaging),.

While in that state which has been repeated 3 – 5 times, my mind was just one blurry mess with an incalculable number of pains that all blurred together, and on subsequent visits to that level of pain I came to identify (whether in the moment or as it was reducing, I don’t know) that my whole mind was dedicated to processing that pain.  In retrospect, I’ve personally come to think that it’s possible that when the mind’s processing power is already maxed out, dedicated to translating the pain that pushes all else out of the mind, that additional pain won’t be experienced due to the lack of it being processed. That is my suspicion based on hitting this same, non-dynamic upper ceiling of awful and de-humanizing pain on multiple occasions, during which I would be unresponsive, without thought, recognition or awareness of things such as defined perceptions of myself, things around me, etc, sounds would be audible, but not mentally processed or responded to, they were just there. I think that in those events it was as if my being was just one big pain receptor until it eased up.

Anyway, I’ve been the recipient of all the inane thoughts doctors can conjure up on the subject which is described HERE:  “It means that when you go visit various doctors (orthopedists, pain specialists, neurologists, etc) they run all sorts of tests, and then look at you as though you are crazy. Or maybe they look at you like you’re a drug seeker, or trying to get Social Security Disability. Or maybe they just chalk it up to hard work and too many sports. Or maybe they just tell you that you have “arthritis” or “fibromyalgia” just to get you out of their office.

I’ve been labeled an abuser of drugs as a result of my voluntary allowance of a drug counselor to sit in on a psychiatric review, in which I merely stated that I have occasionally self-medicated outside of prescribed medicine (which became a necessity because my doctor only wanted to prescribe ANTI-DEPRESSANTS, which I’ve used numerous times through the decade and which have always been completely without positive effect – although some awful negative ones).  It actually helped when I focused in meditation, as it articulated my thoughts and made my attempts to relax and release fascia marginally tangible, and it was my only success in all of my treatment.

I’ve received much emotional abuse at the hands of family, who are understanding for a time but then it seems they become impatient with waiting for me to suddenly be perfectly healthy and they judge and accuse and pressure me to do what I really cannot. I’ve had some doubts from friends, although they are the most understanding and compassionate out of everyone.   I’ve even received related extreme abuse from police during an event where an attempt at theft of my car was made, in the following interactions I was severely and deliberately abused by one officer who has caused serious lasting trauma to me, which exacerbates my pain and increases feelings of despair, humiliation, lack of worth, and loss of feeling of having any control.

Anyway, I don’t mean to moan and complain, and this is just partially summing up what effect this unrecognized pain has done for me, and I’m still untreated and without help or advocate.  I appreciate reading your recognition of the pain and the often ludicrous experiences that people who suffer it go through from their GP. It’s a small piece of self-affirmation and validation of experience, and I appreciate that.

Thank you.


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