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government goes after a blogger for promoting low carb


Low Carb Cures Diabetes

RitaE – Deutschland – Pixabay

First off, never use the word “cure” when dealing with government agencies as it can get you in hot water (HERE).  However, I have been screaming at the top of my lungs about the fact that the diets promoted by the American Diabetes Association have always been absurdly high in starch (they used to have Saltine Crackers on their “OK to eat list”).  In fact, I remember when it used to be based almost totally on carbs, while avoiding all fat like the plague (HERE).  What did this do?  It led to a fatter / sicker America — an America with more DIABETES than ever before!  If you want to understand this, and understand why what Drew Bowling of WebProNews is going to tell you about Steven Cooksey is true, READ THIS.

For a man who’s been diagnosed with diabetes, you’d never guess that about Steven Cooksey. His life choices fly directly in the face of the American Diabetes Association’s recommendations for people living with the disease. He maintains a low-grain/low-carbohydrate diet, commonly known as the Paleo diet, and as a result is in fantastic health. Incredibly, because of his dietary decisions, Cooksey no longer requires insulin injections (on his website, he states that before adopting the paleo diet he was taking four insulin shots a day). With those kind of seemingly miraculous results, it’s no surprise that Cooksey wanted to share his story and hopefully help others with what he’s learned through his own research and experience.

While trying to help others, Cooksey also has no problem making his disagreements with the ADA known. However, little did he know that by blogging about his success in maintaining his diabetes with the Paleo diet while also lambasting the ADA for its dietary policies would lead to him becoming a target for government censorship.  

What’s the solution?  Cooksey used the PALEO DIET.  I recommend it as part of a BIGGER PROGRAM.


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