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the number one health problem facing america today


Number One Health Problem America

Jonny Lindner – Deutschland – Pixabay

We have a health crisis in America.  UNCONTROLLED BLOOD SUGAR coupled with rampant ANTIBIOTIC USE, is causing more health problems than anyone outside of the medical research community has any real idea of (unfortunately, MOST DOCTORS IN THE FIELD have not grasped the full implications of this problem either (HERE & HERE). 

Your body has to have a steady / level / even supply of blood sugar. When you eat carbohydrate-based foods (grains, sugars, white potatoes, etc), your blood sugar goes up.  The more starch or sugar a meal / snack contains, the faster and higher the jump in blood sugar.  Sometimes this jump is so sharp, on a graph it is is actually a “spike“.

It is no new revelation that high blood sugar is not only toxic, but deadly as well.  However, there is a great deal of research coming out of the scientific community that when combined with abnormal Gut Function, it is particularly hard on the nerve and ENDOCRINE (hormonal) systems — most particularly the female hormones & THYROIDYour body will do everything (and I do mean everything) it can to control it and keep it within a specific and tight range (be aware that the medical community’s suggestions for what constitutes “normal” blood sugar ranges are too liberal).  Many young people can seemingly defy this fact by eating whatever they want without the consequences of weight gain.  Sooner or later it will catch up with them.  But weight gain is only a small part of the problem.

Eventually the pancreas cannot keep pace with the amount of insulin needed to handle surges and spikes of blood sugar; and blood sugar values begin to get too high (Metabolic Syndrome / Diabetes).  Or, on the back side of a “spike”, blood sugar drops below baseline.  This is called REACTIVE HYPOGLYCEMIA, and is just as serious as Diabetes.   After a while, the adrenal glands are mobilized to help the overworked pancreas, and the result is our epidemic of ADRENAL FATIGUE (what doctors today call Fibromyalgia).

Forget about high blood sugar and you weight for a moment.  If you want to get your health in order, there are two places to start.  Firstly, you must CONTROL YOUR BODY’S INSULIN LEVELS.  Fail to do this, and you open up a Pandora’s Box of potential health problems.  Secondly, you have to have a healthy gut.  If you have antibiotic-induced dysbiosis, it will be nearly impossible to get healthy and stay healthy.  Why?  Because fully 80% of your entire immune system is in your gut —- and antibiotics kill it (HERE)! 

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