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why paleo?


Paleo Diet

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Although adherents all seem to have a slightly different take on this diet, my personal favorite way of eating could best be categorized as PALEOIn fact, I reviewed a wonderful book a few weeks ago on the Paleo Diet called, “IT STARTS WITH FOOD“.  I highly recommend this way of eating for most people, and what I would like to do today is give you the top reasons why — especially when there is so much bad dietary advice floating around the medical community.

  • CONTROLS BLOOD SUGAR:  I have written extensively about BLOOD SUGAR and why it is so critical that it be STRICTLY CONTROLLED —- hopefully before you are diagnosed with Diabetes (HERE).  The truth is, almost every health problem that you can name has origins in Uncontrolled Blood Sugar.  The thing you have to remember is that by the time your blood sugar readings actually show that it is uncontrolled, you are probably many years down the path of Chronic Illness (HERE is an example of this phenomenon).  Control blood sugar, and the rest will begin to fall into place.  Just remember that Diabetes is not necessarily a “blood sugar” problem (HERE).


  • CONTROLS WEIGHT:  If you want to control your weight, you are first going to have to get a handle on your blood sugar.   If you are truly controlling your blood sugar (see the previous link), and are still having problems with your weight, you are either eating something that your body is reacting to (see next bullet), or your GUT is fouled up (maybe both).


  • LESS REACTIVE:  There are certain foods / food groups that people have a propensity for having immune responses to.  In other words, if your body sees certain food-based proteins as foreign (many times this is because you have a LEAKY GUT), you will react to them.  When your body reacts, it begins to mount an Immune System attack against these foods (it creates antibodies and attacks them).  The two most common Food Sensitivities?  GLUTEN and DAIRY (dairy is one of about 45 Gluten Cross-Reactors).  These Immune System Responses to certain foods, are known to be a significant factor in developing AUTOIMMUNITY.   By the way, all GRAINS (along with any number of other foods) are considered to be “Gluten Cross Reactors.  This is why when you do your ELIMINATION DIET, you’ll need to do it in a very specific, step-wise manner.


  • LESS INFLAMMATORY:  When you are cutting SUGAR, CHEMICALS, and Reactive Foods out of your diet, you ultimately end up with far less Inflammation.  When it comes to Chronic Illness, you must remember that INFLAMMATION is the driving force behind the vast majority — even most of those you have had pounded into your head are “GENETIC“.  Unfortunately, few people have any real idea what Inflammation is, even though the word is bantered around constantly (hint: it is not swelling or infection).  It’s interesting to note that Dr. David Seaman’s ANTI-INFLAMMATORY DIET is suspiciously similar to Paleo.


  • ADEQUATE PROTEIN:  The truth is, a Vegan diet (if done correctly) can accomplish all of the previous things on the list.  The one big thing, however, that a VEGAN DIET lacks, is the ability to provide adequate protein intake, particularly for those struggling with chronic conditions or chronic pain.  I am certainly not saying that it cannot be done, but it is much tougher to get ample amounts of high grade protein from a Vegan Diet. 

When you deal with chronically ill, inflamed, and obese people on a daily basis, you quickly figure out what works and what doesn’t.  PALEO WORKS!  And if you are simply looking to maintain good health, don’t wait until you are sick to try this way of eating.  There are numerous great sources of free info online, or you could click on the first link at the top of the page.


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