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winning the war on cancer — huh?

The War on Cancer: Are We Winning or Losing?

“The War on Cancer refers to the effort to find a cure for cancer by increased research to improve the understanding of cancer biology and the development of more effective cancer treatments, such as targeted drug therapies.  The signing of the National Cancer Act of 1971 by then U.S. President Richard Nixon is generally viewed as the beginning of the war on cancer, though it was not described as a “war” in the legislation itself”Wikipedia

“With $200 billion spent and tens of millions of cancer deaths accumulated since 1971, most would say we are losing the war on cancer. Cancer is the top killer worldwide, responsible for 7.4 million or 13 percent of all deaths annually. In America cancer will soon overtake heart disease as the top killer, claiming more than half million lives annually.”  Christopher Wanjek from the July 14, 2009 issue of Livescience, (40 Years After Moon Landing: Why Can’t We Cure Cancer)?  

“The ‘lack of consistent nutritional guidelines’ for cancer patients — and for many other patients as well — is a failing that needs to be confronted, and corrected, by us as clinicians.”  CNN health correspondent, neurosurgeon, professor of neurosurgery at Emory University, and associate chief of the neurosurgery service at Grady Memorial Hospital (Atlanta), Sanjay Gupta, MD. 

“Every New Year when the government publishes its Report to the Nation on the Status of Cancer, it is followed by a familiar lament. We are losing the war against cancer.”  George Johnson from a January 4, 2014 article in the New York Times called Why Everyone Seems to Have Cancer.

“More money by itself is not going to solve anything.”  Cancer survivor, editor or Fortune Magazine, and author of the book The Truth In Small Doses: Why We’re Losing The War on Cancer — and How to Win It:

“It’s the food, people!  – Bill Maher

Search the term “War on Cancer” and you’ll get just over sixty million hits.  Did you catch that?  60,000,000 webpages discussing all aspects of the war on cancer.  In other words, I do not have to tell you that cancer is a serious problem.  And to help fund this war, every year you can expect to get hit up by some organization or another who is raising money in their “Fight for a Cure®”.  Are they going to find this elusive prize?  In light of the quotes above, it’s debatable to say the least. 

My personal opinion is that despite certain individuals winning their personal battles with CANCER, as a nation, we seem to be losing the war (cancer has jumped up to a neck-and-neck position with Cardiovascular Disease for the top spot as our nation’s number one killer).   Off the top of my head and in no particular order, here are a few of the reasons that I think we will not, at least in the foreseeable future, get a handle on our nation’s cancer problem, find a cure, and actually win the war on cancer.

Winning the War on Cancer?

  • WAR ON CANCER; DEFEATING CANCER IS NOT JUST A MONEY ISSUE:  Doggone it people; if we could just raise more money we could win this war on cancer!  Even though this is what we have been told our whole lives, it’s simply not true.  In the same way that Big Government has fought (and lost) other similar ‘wars’ (LBJ’s War on Poverty and Disease comes immediately to mind), more money does not always equal better results.  Remember, it’s chiefly the government (the American taxpayer) who is funding this war on cancer; and the truth is, there might be something the government does better than the private sector — I just haven’t figured out what it is yet.  Either way — whether it’s public research dollars or private research dollars being used — you are soon going to see why cancer is not just a “raise-more-money” issue (HERE).
  • WAR ON CANCER; CANCER IS NOT JUST ONE SINGLE DISEASE:   One of the things that most people do not realize is that cancer is not just one single disease.  It is a whole host of different diseases (there are literally hundreds of types of cancer) with totally different causes (ionizing radiation, chemical exposure, viruses, molds / fungus, crappy diet, SYSTEMIC INFLAMMATION, etc, etc, etc).  The common denominator is that they all end up with various parts of the body in a state of runaway cellular division and growth.  Even though there are certain areas where we have made great strides against certain types of cancer, there is never going to be that “magic bullet” solution for ‘cancer’ that so many people dream of and discuss.
  • WAR ON CANCER; TOO MUCH EMPHASIS ON GENETICS / NOT ENOUGH EMPHASIS ON EPIGENETICS:   Just a few short years ago, people thought that genetics were going to be the solution to almost everything that could go wrong with a person’s health — including cancer.  What are we now seeing?  We have learned that in many (if not most) cases, EPIGENETICS trumps genetics in a big way. In other words, although “bad” genes may be present, they do not cause problems until they are triggered and turned on by “bad” lifestyle choices.  I believe that one of the reasons people love the “genetics” point so much, is that it relieves us of personal responsibility, while scape-goating Pops and Uncle Roger.  Epigenetics puts the onus back on us.
  • WAR ON CANCER; TOO MANY PEOPLE STILL SMOKE AND TAKE TOO MANY PRESCRIPTION DRUGS:  If you SMOKE and / or take lots of DRUGS (prescription, non-prescription, or recreational), you are exposing yourself to lots of chemicals.  Guess what folks?  Chemical exposure is one of the medically-recognized causes of cancer.  In fact, if you want to give yourself the willies, take a moment to look at the mountains of research on chemotherapy as a cancer-causing agent. Tough to win the war on cancer when the gold-standard of treatment is (gulp) a big-time causal factor.
  • WAR ON CANCER; WE IGNORE THE RESEARCH AND RESULTS OF THOSE WHO FIGURED MUCH OF THIS OUT A CENTURY AGO:  Just look at the work of MAX GERSON (a German medical doctor who cured case after case after case of cancer — nutritionally).  Then there’s OTTO WARBURG (a German biochemist and MD whose Nobel Prize was based on his 1931 discovery that cancer cells survive via fermentation, and that the primary fuel for this process is sugar (HERE).  These and numerous other pioneers are simply blown off as irrelevant fuddy duddies of a bygone era.  After all, we are sooooo much smarter today than people used to be — aren’t we?  If you really believe that, take a couple hours to review the writings of our Founding Fathers.
  • WAR ON CANCER; IN THE WAR AGAINST CANCER, NUTRITION MATTERS:  This is 2014.  Should I really need to tell you that nutrition matters in the battle against cancer?  If you read THIS POST, you will quickly realize that yes; I do.  Unfortunately, most doctors know very little about nutrition (HERE), and because of this, do virtually nothing to help you combat cancer nutritionally. It’s all about drugs and surgery.   My humble opinion is that even if you are going to go the conventional route in your battle against the “Big C”, would it not make sense to feed your body OPTIMALLY?
  • WAR ON CANCER; INFLAMMATION AND THE CRAPPY AMERICAN DIET:  Although similar to the previous point, this bullet encompasses a lot of ground.  Although everyone thinks they know what INFLAMMATION is, I don’t find one person in 1,000 (even those in the healthcare community) who really has a clue.   Click on the link and you’ll see how Inflammation is the basis for virtually every single major disease process in America —- including Cancer.  Although there are many charlatans out there trying to sell you a boatload of Nutritional Supplements to “cure” your cancer, some COMMON SENSE CHANGES to your diet can be a difference maker — particularly before you develop the disease.  Sure, there might be nutritional supplements that could seriously benefit you and your personal war on cancer.  But if you do not get your diet under control and start to figure out what other aspects of your life are ‘driving’ said inflammation, true health will at best be elusive.
  • WAR ON CANCER; UNCONTROLLED BLOOD SUGAR:  No two ways about it, we eat way too much sugar and High Glycemic Index (simple) carbohydrates here in America.  Part of the problem is that ALMOST EVERY DISEASE YOU CAN IMAGINE (including cancer — HERE, HERE and especially HERE) is being tied directly back to Uncontrolled Blood Sugar.  This is even true in those who have not (yet) been diagnosed with Diabetes (HERE).  In the same way that a smoker can count on dying a long, drawn out, painful death; if you can’t get your SUGAR HABIT under control, you will likely be looking forward to similar.  Deal with blood sugar or expect to be dealing with an increasing array of health-related problems as you get older. Including cancer.  Many of these health problems will keep you from ever reaching a ripe old age.  Or maybe even worse, many have the power make your time here on earth utterly miserable (HERE).
  • WAR ON CANCER; OBESITY:  Unfortunately, OBESITY has been linked to almost every type of Cancer (including BREAST CANCER).  75% of our population is either overweight or obese if you count those who are MONW. HERE is a link on this specific topic or cancer and obesity.
  • WAR ON CANCER; TOTAL LACK OF UNDERSTANDING ABOUT THE IMPORTANCE OF GUT HEALTH:  Even though 80% of your entire Immune System is found in your Gut (HERE), few people are aware of this or have any idea about GUT HEALTH and why it is so critical for your overall health.  Once you understand that LEAKY GUT SYNDROME is one of the foundations of almost all disease processes, you’ll begin to wonder why you have not heard this information before.   On top of that, unless we are making a concerted effort to the contrary, many of us are literally swimming in a sea of ANTIBIOTICS — a class of drug that has done more to destroy our collective Gut Health than almost anything else in America (HERE). Unfortunately, our number one form of medical therapy is
  • WAR ON CANCER; WE DON’T EXERCISE OR MOVE ANYMORE:  Not that exercise or physical activity is going to keep you from getting Cancer, but there is ample evidence telling us that it is a beneficial part of the puzzle.
  • WAR ON CANCER; WE ARE STRESSED OUT:   We live in a pedal-to-the-metal society that frequently leaves us feeling like a dog chasing its tail.  This not only leads to FIBROMYALGIA / ADRENAL FATIGUE, but to SYMPATHETIC DOMINANCE as well.  The result is a grab bag of diseases straight out of Pandora’s Box —- one of which is cancer.
  • WAR ON CANCER; THERE IS SIMPLY TOO MUCH MONEY AT STAKE:  I get it.  This sounds suspiciously like something a conspiracy theorist would say over a cup of coffee down at Flo’s.  However, if you still don’t believe that the modern practice of “Corporate Medicine” is largely about money, you have not been paying attention.  HERE are a few of the posts I’ve written over the past years on the myth of Evidence-Based Medicine.  Take a couple minutes to scan over them and you’ll quickly realize I’m more correct than incorrect.  Don’t get me wrong.  I am not saying that most doctors are greedy, money-mongering, heartless, saps.  What I am saying is that the system itself is so filthy, one can’t swim in it and not come out seriously tainted / jaded / changed.

The bottom line is that there is no “cure” for Cancer.  I certainly hope I am wrong, but I’m not convinced there ever will be.  Either the body heals itself, or it doesn’t.  It’s really that simple.  Sure, there are things we can do, both naturally or conventionally, to help boost our chances.  But neither medicine nor money will save you if your body and Immune System are weak.  So why not work at keeping them both cranked HEALTHY?

Don’t wait until you receive “The Diagnosis” to start doing something about this ugly problem.  What are my recommendations?  Easy.  It will help you to come to the realization that even though every individual person is a little bit different and will require a unique approach, ALL DISEASE is really one big thing.  Once you understand this, you have a much greater chance of defeating Cancer — or better yet; preventing it before it ever starts. 

And if you understand the information in the link, you’ll quickly realize that the same basic protocol is going to help you deal with virtually all health-related problems.  MS?  Same essential protocol.  Lupus?  Not much different.  Heart Disease?  I’m starting to sound redundant.

  • WAR ON CANCER: A CLEAN DIET:  Numerous people are using various versions of the paleo diet in their personal war on cancer. Realize that while it is certainly debatable how much meat (even “CLEAN MEAT“) to eat while fighting cancer, one could virtually live on vegetation, at least for the short term, and consume what would be considered a paleo diet; or even a keto diet (remember, KETO IS BASED ON DIETARY FAT, not meat — do not confuse keto with the Atkins Diet).  Keto is especially interesting in light of the new research taking place on CANCER AND KETOGENIC DIETS at universities worldwide. The diet I recommend for almost anyone with Chronic Illness is some version or another of PALEO.  Read the link to understand why.  You may want to read about the sugar-starving KETOGENIC DIET as well. Either way, no matter what you decide, you need to go back and re-read the previous bullet on strictly controlling blood sugar.
  • EXERCISE, AND DO IT SMARTER:  When it comes to exercise, do what you enjoy and do it in moderation. With cancer, you don’t need to go overboard, you simply need to get mobile and flexible. And yes, increasing your flexibility is actually a cancer fighter (HERE and HERE). This is because cancer is not only stiff, thick, dense tissue itself, it tends to attack the same (HERE)
  • LOSE THE EXCESS WEIGHT:  This is doubly true for those of you with significant amounts of BELLY FAT.  If you read and follow the advice in THESE POSTS (and as long as you don’t have some sort of AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE, HIDDEN ANEMIA, or other chronic health issue), you will lose weight.  If you chose to ignore your weight, you have an uphill battle in your “war” against cancer.

If you already have Cancer, educate yourself —- and not just with the standard line sold by conventional medicine.  Preventing cancer — or even holistically treating people with cancer (whether using conventional therapies or not) — is, in many ways, similar to TREATING PEOPLE STRUGGLING WITH AUTOIMMUNITY or any number of other SERIOUS DISEASES.  Here is an interesting post on this very topic called TREATING CHRONIC ILLNESS AND CHRONIC PAIN.

Do I treat cancer in my clinic?  Of course not (disclaimer below)!  But, if I personally had Cancer, the person I would seek out is Dr. Kevin Conner of Lake Elmo, Minnesota.  Brilliant Christian guy who has devoted his life to helping people struggling with this and other nasty chronic illnesses (he has numerous books available for free download, including, “Stop Fighting Cancer, and Start Treating the Cause“).

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