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The Tissue Remodeling, Fascia / Tendinosis, Bruising Picture Page!


Why did I create my SCAR TISSUE, FASCIAL ADHESION, TISSUE REMODELING “Picture Page,” and what have I learned from treating Chronic Pain Patients day in and day out for over three decades?  For one, how utterly desperate these patients are.  It’s not uncommon for me to see patients who have been TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF several times over, to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars. 

Before they ever see me, they have typically been everywhere, seen everyone, and tried everything.  They have been riding THE MEDICAL MERRY-GO-ROUND to the point it is killing them!  They have had test on top of test on top of diagnostic test.  They have seen all sorts of specialists.  They have been to pain clinics.  They have tried every pill, potion, and procedure there is to try.  These types of patients are ready and willing to let you beat them with an axe handle if they thought it would help. But don’t worry; no axe handles here. However…….

While I will not beat you with the ‘proverbial’ axe handle, I want you to understand that the physics of connective tissue scarring (elasticity and the loss thereof) requires that the treatment be strong enough to break the physical / chemical bonds holding the scarred or “fibrotic” fascia in a “TETHERED” manner. I have explained it a couple different times in terms of PLAYING A CARNIVAL GAME (or HERE). Just remember that a whole lot of sub-threshold treatment (‘nothing‘) is exactly that; sub-threshold (‘nothing‘).

Bruising for Pain Relief

If you want to understand this page in terms of MECHANOTRANSDUCTION or FIBROBLASTIC ACTIVATION, or PURPOSEFULLY-INDUCED LOCAL INFLAMMATION, or DAVIS’ LAW, or FOULED UP PROPRIOCEPTION, or PATHOLOGICALLY “THICKENED” FASCIA, or any number of others, that’s fine and I applaud your quest to better understand the beast that has you by the throat. However, realize that the one and only reason I put these pics on my site is so there are no surprises — particularly for those of you coming from the four corners of the globe. Re-read that. No surprises.

Chronic Shoulder Pain Picture Page

This is the right shoulder of a 67 year old female who had been through two years of searching for answers. Tons of THERAPY THAT WAS MAKING HER WORSE. This was not acute damage, but decades of work hunched over a sewing machine in a factory that paid her by the piece (speed was of the essence to make any money). She could not move her shoulder very much when I first saw her but had almost full RANGE OF MOTION immediately after the first treatment.

Fascia Scar Tissue Remodeling Bruising Picture Page

Chronic Neck Pain & Headaches Picture Page

After a severe MVA, this woman saw a chiro over a thousand visits (over 1,000 visits), on a never-ending 3x/week schedule. For nearly seven years! It was the only relief she got but it would not last more than a few hours, maybe a day if she was lucky. I have written five (5) different posts on this type of chiropractic care, mainly because I detest it — it is why so many people distrust chiros, and probably the number one factor that concerns (frightens away) potential patients (HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE). My concern for this gal was that her pain may have become “CENTRALIZED“. It had not. HERE is her video testimonial.

Fascia Scar Tissue Remodeling Bruising Picture Page

This young lady had a severe WHIPLASH INJURY almost a year prior to this, her first treatment. You can imagine the CHRONIC NECK PAIN and ongoing HEADACHES she struggled with on a daily basis. 80% immediately after one treatment.

Fascia Scar Tissue Remodeling Bruising Picture Page

Chronic Buttock / Butt Pain Picture Page

This is the buttock of a young man who struggled with BUTT PAIN (in his case due to PIRIFORMIS SYNDROME — America’s number one cause of Sciatica). The fascial adhesions on the surface cause major restrictions and binding of the hip rotator cuff beneath, “pinching” the sciatic nerve or in some cases, the cluneal nerve, and causing leg pain.

Fascia Scar Tissue Remodeling Bruising Picture Page

Chronic Shoulder Pain Picture Page

By the time I saw her, this young lady (a volleyball player) had had X-rays, a CT-SCAN, 3 MRI’S, several orthopedic consults, and lots of therapy. Although I probably treat more necks than anything else, I treat a lot of people with SHOULDER PROBLEMS as well.

Fascia Scar Tissue Remodeling Bruising Picture Page

Elbow Tendiniosis Picture Page

This woman had been struggling with ELBOW TENDINOSIS for who-knows-how-long. She had the ever-so-common pattern of major fascial tearing on her upper arm as well as in the inner bend of her arm / elbow.

Fascia Scar Tissue Remodeling Bruising Picture Page

Thoracolumbar Fascia Picture Page

I have a ton of information concerning the THORACOLUMBAR FASCIA — arguably the major cause (by far) of back pain. Doubly true now that we know and understand the concept of “NON-SPECIFIC BACK PAIN“. HERE is a picture since I did not include one below.

Scar Tissue Remodeling Could Change Your Life!

I won’t lie; Scar Tissue Remodeling isn’t the most fun thing you’ll ever do in your lifetime.  It is, however, the only thing I have found that will truly break down hardcore chronic SCAR TISSUE and Adhesions that can be the underlying cause of so many people’s Chronic Pain. This is critical because microscopic scar tissues in the form of FASCIAL RESTRICTIONS / ADHESIONS and TENDINOPATHIES — no matter THE CAUSE — are bad news! They must be dealt with if you want to have any chance of a functional recovery.

If microscopic scarring is not dealt with effectively (sometimes that means HARSHLY), it will cause restrictions in the underlying tissues, as well as a loss of strength and range of motion that will eventually cause rapid and massive degenerative changes to the affected area. Think I am over-exaggerating?  Those of you suffering with Chronic Pain know exactly what I am talking about!

As you have already learned from my website, scar tissue and adhesions are a chief cause of NUMEROUS PAIN SYNDROMES. When I break these dysfunctional tissues, I also break or rupture the tiniest blood vessels supplying the tissue (even Scar Tissue — aka FIBROSIS — has a blood supply). These microscopic vessels are called capillaries and when we break the capillary bed, they leak a small amount of blood into the tissue itself. This tiny amount of internal bleeding is otherwise known as ecchymosis — something we have all experienced to one degree or another many times over — a bruise. 

I fully realize that the bruising makes this form of therapy look scary.  Understand however, that you control how intense treatment is. If you can tolerate having more scar tissue broken, I may break more. If your tolerance for having tissue broken is not high (hey; scar tissue is up to 1,000 times more pain sensitive than normal tissue — HERE), you will have to make a couple of extra trips to my office.   Either way, we never go beyond what you can tolerate.  The beautiful thing about this treatment is that you’ll know in JUST A SINGLE TREATMENT whether or not it is going to help.  It’s why our visits are so simple (HERE).

As the body starts to metabolize and reabsorb the red blood cells that have leaked into the tissue surrounding the treated adhesion, the bruise will go through a series of color changes. It will turn from red to purple, purple to black & blue, black & blue to green, and green to yellow, before finally turning a brownish skin tone and fading completely away. This bruising is not something to be afraid of or alarmed about. 

It is normal for areas I treat to develop post-treatment bruising.  Some people are ‘bruisers’ and they might look like they were run over by a Mack Truck (hey, it’s a great way to earn some sympathy points at home). Other people may bruise very little or not at all.   Everyone is different.

So, in the case of our Scar Tissue Remodeling, bruising really can be a ‘good’ thing — a normal part of getting better.  Your body will heal from this “Controlled Trauma” whether you assist it or not. Your compliance in following instructions and following the very specific STRETCHING PROTOCOLS that I will give you post-treatment will determine whether the area will heal correctly. Without your cooperation, your results will be greatly compromised.  Fail to do the post-treatment stretches and you will not pull the adhesion apart after it’s broken (HERE).  It will heal back into the twisted, tangled, inelastic, and dysfunctional ‘clump’ that you came in here with in the first place.

If you are interested, feel free to browse OUR TESTIMONIAL PAGE, our POSTS OF VIDEO TESTIMONIALS, or OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL.


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