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Category: Scar Tissue

Chronic Pain
Russell Schierling

chronic pain and adhesed fascia

CHRONIC PAIN SOLUTIONSFOR ADHESED FASCIA CHRONIC PAIN — according to medical sources, it affects nearly one in three Americans to some degree (about 100 million

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Fascia and Tendinosis
Russell Schierling

torn or overstretched fascia?

INJURED FASCIAIS IT TORN (HERNIATED) OR OVERSTRETCHED? Wellcome Image L0061303 Rocco_Cusari Dear Dr. Schierling, I have had constant pain in the right transverse abdominus muscle

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Scar Tissue
Russell Schierling

post-surgical scar tissue

POST-SURGICAL SCAR TISSUEIS THERE ANYTHING TO BE DONE? Dear Dr. Schierling, I recently came across your website and wanted to know if you truly believe

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