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Russell Schierling

fibrotic fascia and migraine headaches

MIGRAINE HEADACHESAND ADHESED FASCIA Klaus Hausmann – Köln/Deutschland – Pixabay “More than 60 million American adults report experiencing a migraine, and they affect women at

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Butt and Hip Pain
Russell Schierling

chronic hip spasm solution

TWO DECADES OF CHRONIC HIP SPASMS SOLVED! Bruce Blausen Pictures like this one (left), while anatomically accurate, do not tell the whole story — not

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Testimonials and Case Histories
Russell Schierling

chiropractic & childhood ear infections

DOES CHIROPRACTIC HELP WITHCHILDHOOD EAR INFECTIONS?A VIDEO TESTIMONIAL Abraham Pisarek – Deutsche Fotothek “With 10 million new cases every year, ear infections (otitis media) are

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Joint Pain
Russell Schierling

thumb pain

THUMB PAIN Ann has been a patient of mine for the better part of two decades — maybe longer.  I wanted to include a testimonial

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